Beautiful work by Nestor Urdanpilleta, found via Design Year Book, for Alternativa3:

"Alternativa3, an organization working for Fair Trade since 1992,
imports and distributes food, textile products and handicrafts made by
little and medium artisan crafts and producers from Southern countries.

1993 is a member of the International Fair Trade Associatioon (IFAT)
and founder member of the Spanish Coordination for Fair Trade
Organizations (CECJ) as well as from other related associations.

the begining, our mission as a cooperative is to spread the Fair Trade
principles, considering that developing is only possible by combining
Economic growth and social justice.

1995 we started running the 1st. Fair Trade roaster in Spain, where we
produce our own brands for Fair Trade coffee as well ones from any
organization interested in Fair Trade coffee."

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