Student Spotlight: Stephanie Hiser

Stephanie Hiser is a recent graduate of FIT's Packaging Design program. Take a look at some of the projects she designed while at FIT below:

Couvet 1797 is a top shelf absinthe cocktail. Glass in hand and ready to drink, this pre-mixed cocktail offers modernity and history in each pour.
Digirent is an up and coming shipping based Apple rentals company.  In keeping with the simple and refined design of Apple, Digirent is understated and pure, communicating to the mac-using professional.

Spry Saucers is an ultimate frisbee equipment company using a light, spirited, youthful design targeting the ultimate frisbee guru.  Thiis will surely stand apart from it's competition on shelf.Hiser_topcoat
Pantone Top Coat is a "what if" project.  What is pantone branched out into the world of beauty and fashion? Inspiration was drawn from a Pantone swatch book to illustrate color that can be achieved on various shades of hair.

This is a typical, mass-market wine brought to life with bold colors and clean lines while still holding onto family charm.


Belly Jelly is a rustic yet cheerful all natural skin care line for growing bellies made from royal jelly.