Balvenie Whisky

Balvenie_Range Balvenie_Portwood_Closeup2Balvenie_Portwood_Closeup

Designed by UK based Here Design:

"We've recently finished a redesign of The Balvenie whisky, which involved working with a lot of great UK craftsmen to make sure the design embodied the respect that the company holds for it's own craftsmen that make the whisky. Because the distillery was set up in 1892, we also wanted the design to be a true reflection of late 19th Century archival documents so it was important that each element of the design was limited by the printing processes of that period."

Check out shots of the letterpress and woodcuts after the jump.

Balvenie_Typeset2Balvenie_DoubleWood_Closeup2Balvenie_Woodcut2Balvenie_Woodcut3 Balvenie_Typeset