Perrier Conversations


New work from HartlandVilla, a graphic studio based in Paris for Perrier "Conversations", a limited edition series:

This year, the theme is “conversation”. We used the “French” aspect as it is an important value attached to the brand abroad. We played with words and “bubbles” to recreate surreal conversations, collages of words that work well together and evoke sensual and creative conversations in an ironical way. The idea is to leave room for the audience’s imagination to fantasize about situations and ambiences.

The abundance of conversations is set to the rhythm of the profusion of words and the variety of an expressive and contrasting typography. The choice of words projects the idea of “learning French with Perrier”: as many of the expressions we chose evoke clichés of French culture, they make up a totally absurd French language lesson. In this absurdity lies the humor, creativity and as such, the quality of the project."