Before & After: FTD Shippers




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Designed by Chicago based Optima Soulsight:

"Faced with growing competition, FTD needed to revitalize its floral business. Optima Soulsight sought to bring freshness to the historic brand. After delivering flowers for a century, the iconic FTD Mercury Man is a well-liked and recognizable figure. By leveraging the icon’s global awareness, the team developed an identity that was compelling, credible and immediately familiar.

Drawing from FTD’s strong black and gold equity, Optima Soulsight introduced black as a primary color element on the package. The emphasis on black — an unusual choice for a flower company — created a simple and striking backdrop for FTD’s richly colorful floral arrangements. Each delivery now has a feeling of luxury.

We also revived the Mercury Man by reversing out the logo, making his known silhouette bolder and more dynamic.
Instead of using a traditional corrugated brown cardboard box to house the flowers, Optima Soulsight transformed the outside of the shipper into a beautifully designed gift experience. The beautiful shipper also became an eye-catching advertisement – the ideal place to bring the brand icon to life.
We then created a unique floral pattern for the inside of the box and the bouquet wrap. The box was lined with gold organza and the Mercury Man made another appearance on the delicate gift cards and floral care booklet — creating a holistic premium experience."