Studio Spotlight: Echo Brand Design


A lovely selection of work from Echo Brand Design, a London based firm. One more image and descriptions of each project after the jump.


Brylcreem: A classic British brand, with a strong male personality and a youthful consumer base, was lost in a sea of unisex competitors. So we gave the ‘Lion of Style’ its claws back. Integrating a contemporary structural design, with a revitalised classical lion mark and clear navigation gave the Brylcreem brand pride in its heritage and courage to innovate. 


 Kids love pets, but they don't love preparing their food - all those sharp tins, difficult dosing and nasty washing up. So Echo thought: "why not include all the family with simple ready meals for pets?" - portioned wet and dry food in disposable trays that slot into a special bowl for stability - child's play.

Space Baby:

 Observing mums and babies feeding regime revealed a frustrating world of outdated packaging and boring food. We hoped to provide a better start to a life of food and nutrition by creating Space Baby: functional food in functional packaging for functional families; no longer tied to the kitchen or routine, they can get on with their lives.

After Eight:

Everyone has a nostalgic soft spot for this classic brand, but how can we celebrate this patented thin mint through today's dinner parties and social rituals? Having discovered that bringing back a touch of formality would make After Eight special again, we carefully recrafted its precious assets.

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