Boots Original Beauty Formula

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Walking through Target the other day I was stopped in my tracks by an end-aisle display of these Boots Original products. They are so stunning in their color palette and classic styling, and so very different from most of the slick cosmetics packaging currently gracing our shelves. Yet another product that I would buy just for the packaging.

An article in explains:

TO COINCIDE with its 160th anniversary, Boots has brought out the Boots
Original Beauty Formula – a range of affordable and indulgent
preparations for the face, hands and body based on the beauty classics
and traditional ingredients the company became trusted for more than a
century ago.

For the new Boots Original Beauty Formula range, Boots
has looked at old formulations and classic ingredients for skincare
products that were used at the time of Florence Boot more than a
century ago.

It has ensured that the ingredients used have proven
benefits – rose, geranium and lavender have been used in apothecary
products for more than 150 years – and it has included other natural
ingredients, such as olive oil, beeswax, glycerine, patchouli,
bergamot, olive oil and clary sage oil.

The classic formulations have been updated to incorporate modern knowledge and to ensure they are suitable for all skin types.

Camilla Lillieskold (UK) was responsible for this gorgeous design.