Thursday, June 4, 2009 at 09:35 AM

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New work by Australian designer Daniel Smith:

"I created a toiletry pack for 'Glebe Village,' an Australian backpacker
hostel in the Sydney suburb of Glebe. Barbecues and table tennis
matches are organised at Glebe Village to encourage social
interactivity between its guests. This element of fun inspired my
choice of colours and fonts for the toiletry pack. As part of the
brief, the toiletry pack had to be uniquely Australian, this was met by
containing extracts of eucalyptus and tea tree oils in the products.
The uniquely Australian element is further promoted by the name of the
pack, "a bog standard toiletry pack," Australian slang for ordinary or
unremarkable. Although backpacker hostels are stereoypically 'cheap,'
the brief stated that the pack had to give a sense of generosity and
exclusiveness, this was met by the use of sachets, which can only be
used once, they're cheap and exclusive at the same time. Details were
screen printed onto the plastic bags. The pack is also waterproof."