Student Spotlight: Wataru Yoshida

Wataru Yoshida graduates in two weeks from the Art Institute of California - Orange County and is planning to return to his home country of Japan. Here are a few examples of his work:-4

The design for a Western Digital “My Passport” Essential 320
GB Portable Hard Drive

His design objectives where to design a package that conveyed
three key points; simple to use, lightweight, and easy to carry.  He chose the vivid colors to help it
stand out from the current competing brands on the market.


The second design is for Recycled Copy Paper. After studying about sustainable package design a solution
was arrived at for 100% post consumer recycled paper.  The design is meant to evoke the “recycled look” through
color but with a high tech appeal. The package is itself designed to be reused
as a file box for magazines and documents when you have gone through the
paper.  The design considered this
file box use so all copy is cut away allowing for it to be a decorative part of
any office.