Branding With Color: Does it Work?


I really like the approach of crafting a brand around color. Especially in a stripped-down way, with simple, bold and modern typography, like Chocolat Factory's packaging (designed by ruiz+company of Barcelona, Spain).

There is one catch, though. Built into this super-simple, stripped down approach is its primary flaw: it can be too simple to 'own'. This popular look, if applied without enough of a differentiating element that is unique to the brand, can be generic. Color blocking is a great solution for differentiating chocolate bar flavors, but something else has to be going on to create an 'ownable' design.

Below are some examples of chocolate brands that are predominantly using color + spare typography in their packaging. I think some of them rely too heavily on color and don't make their packaging distinctive enough from other chocolate brands, while others are doing better job. Can you tell the difference between brands well enough? Are the differences memorable enough so you'll know where to go back for your next chocolate fix? You be the judge!



100% Chocolate Cafe:




Chocolate by Numbers:


Christopher Elbow:


Green & Blacks:

Picture 4