Student Spotlight: Meg Eaton

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Two beautiful concepts designed by Meg Eaton, a recent graduate of the Communications Design program at Syracuse University:

"Chumbi is the solution to bland and boring flavors of ice cream
like vanilla or butter pecan. Chumbi offers a variety of unique flavor
combinations for adventurous eaters like garlic mojito, tomato
parmigiano or black cherry zucchini. The quirky design is reflective of
the balancing act of unusual flavors and the colorful elephant acts
kind of like a bizarre mascot. 

Mambajamba is a new kind of animal cracker that pairs two fun flavors
together. Cinnamon & Honey, Caramel & Vanilla or Original &
Pink frosted are a few of the varieties. The cookies are packaged in
two separate compartments that flip backwards to reveal a pop-up
animal. The packaging also aims to educate kids about different species
of animals. The different eyes on the front of each box as well as the
fun facts on left side of the box act as hints to indicate which animal
will pop-up on the inside!"