Pyramid Breweries

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More fresh work from San Francisco based Voicebox Creative:

"Pyramid Breweries is the eleventh largest brewer in the U.S. and enjoys a stellar reputation for creating award-winning, handcrafted ales and lagers. The Pyramid brand, however, had not evolved or developed a compelling story to connect with younger new consumers. Pyramid’s new owners seized an opportunity to reenergize the brand by redefining its positioning, refreshing its brand identity and revitalizing its packaging design to reflect the active, dynamic urban environments where Pyramid brews its variety of year round, seasonal and specialty beers.

Pyramid’s new packaging design establishes a cohesive and flexible system that delivers a powerful shelf presence while easily accommodating future brand extensions. Custom, posterized illustrations of dynamic young urban adventurers are framed through a pyramid “window”, while vibrant, saturated colors and bold type treatments define year round styles and seasonal offerings. "

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