Clover Farmstead


New work from Voicebox Creative:

"Voicebox had previously created Clover’s Organic Farms packaging, so our existing brand  
knowledge was complemented by a comprehensive competitive review of the European-style  
butter category and a visit to Clover’s supply partner’s small organic dairy farm to learn the 
boutique butter-making process firsthand. This led Voicebox to recommend that Clover create an entirely new product tier to enable the company to showcase the handmade, small-batch nature of the products while offering future product expansion opportunities.

From the earlier packaging audit, Voicebox observed that most butter makers use foil and/or wax parchment as the packaging medium. Clover Farmstead required something different that could provide maximum shelf impact. Various new and unique packaging form factors were sourced before a ceramic crock was selected for its old-world appeal. Voicebox collaborated with the ceramic vendor on several rounds of prototypes to finalize production of the circular vessel in a natural cream-color,  with a 
matching “Clover Farmstead” embossed lid. Adhesive labels were then designed for the first two butter products. The front label, a proprietary octagonal shape with an embellished border, contains a woodcut-like sketch of a dairy cow and pail as the focal point with “Artisan” and “Product” on either side with scroll-like details. The Clover mark remains in its proprietary treatment to endorse the new brand and provide a link to the other Clover product tiers, but in brown to complement the natural color palette. “Farmstead” is shown in a larger white serif font with a brown drop shadow below to support and balance the brand mark and prevent it from looking heavy. A complementary rectangular back label contains descriptive copy and is anchored by Clover’s “Clo the Cow” icon, adding another link to the Clover product family. As a finishing touch, Voicebox sourced a vendor to create a custom-dyed brown ribbon to tie around the crock lid for a compelling and distinctive presentation that helps communicate a back-to-the-farm message that is simultaneously accessible and refined. 

The design and packaging is very eco-friendly. You buy the filled crock once (it retails at upscale grocers like Andronico's and Whole Foods for $12.99-$13.99) and then buy only refills thereafter. This cuts way down on packaging. Plus, the pressure sensitive label peels off easily and leaves no residue, so the crock looks great on your counter and will keep the butter cool, fresh and spreadable."