Pentagram Takes on Cigarettes

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Pentagram takes on cigarette packaging:

This month the Senate approved new legislation
that will heavily restrict the nicotine content and marketing of
cigarettes, including the requirement that colorful ads and displays be
replaced with black-and-white-only text. The bill is expected to pass
in the House and President Obama has said he will sign it. For a piece
in its Sunday Perspectives section, the St. Petersburg Times
asked DJ Stout what cigarette companies might do to follow the new
marketing rules. (The full article is print only; we’ve posted it here.)
Stout suggests that to comply with the new crackdown, cigarette
manufacturers like Marlboro should embrace the restrictions and make
cigarettes look truly dangerous. This, of course, will still appeal to
a core group of smokers.

“Over the years there has been an onslaught of public awareness
messaging about the evils of smoking,” says Stout. “Unless you’ve been
living in a cave for the last 50 years you are very aware that smoking
is not only bad for you, it could very likely kill you. All smokers
know this for sure but it doesn’t deter them.

“Our marketing advice to cigarette companies in the new heavily
regulated era is to fully accept the new aggressive anti-smoking
restrictions and wallow in the government’s apocalyptic health
warnings. Don’t make excuses or dance around the stepped-up marketing
regulations, just transform the whole cigarette pack into a three
dimensional warning label.”