Drinks Well

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After the success of the
recent label design of NICE NOSE wine, Robot-food
has created a new wine brand concept with ‘Drinks Well’:


"The aim was to create a
supermarket friendly label to appeal to the mass market. If a large retail
channel or wine supplier wants an own brand with a clear message, offering
delicious, good value, ready to drink wine, ‘Drinks Well’ is the ideal

The visuals include three
very different wines from separate countries and the label descriptions clearly
state what the average consumer needs to know. They have uniform
characteristics, starting with the grape variety, then a brief summary,
followed by the region of origin and wine variety. Lastly is a detailed
description that ends with a unique sentence backing up the fact that the wine
‘Drinks Well’.


The range can include as
many wines as required and there is clear colour distinction between the reds,
the whites, and the rosés.


is now targeting ‘Drinks Well’ to wine distributors and supermarkets in the
hope that they will want to take the brand on."