Sparky's Concepts

GC_Sparky's_v2GC_Sparky's_v6 GC_Sparky's_v4GC_Sparky's_v5New work from Michael McDevitt and Natasha Chetiyawardana of Gooder Companies:

"Client: Sparky's Naturally Happy

Scope: Design directions for a phase one investor package

Background: Sparky's, an all natural American food restaurant, was looking to extend its offering to the retail market throughout the Northeast. For years the restaurant featured grass fed beef hamburgers and hotdogs as well as french fries and condiments made from organic farms within a 150 mile radius of their restaurant(s). Sparky's unique selling proposition was to bring consumers products and choices within the comfort food market that reflected their beliefs and support of small farms, natural farming, seasonal foods and long-term sustainability.

Undertaking: To provide potential investors with four unique design directions that address specific positionings and target demographics. The design directions moved from the modern nostalgic to the minimal, each with a unique graphic and written language to capture their essence and communicate their positioning and offering.

Noteworthy: The project is in the investment phase and currently unrealized."

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