Coco2 Cocopia Line Up-1

New work from London based R Design:

"It’s a range of premium chocolates under the Tesco sub-brand ‘Cocopia’ for UK supermarket Tesco. This range launched in all Tesco stores at the beginning of the year and is selling really well.

Major supermarkets have been quick to spot the rise in popularity of good quality chocolate. Whereas many of the majors have produced premium ‘own branded’ chocs, Tesco’s started their own chocolate brand - Cocopia. The Cocopia brand and packaging immediately puts them on the ‘top shelf’ in the eye of the consumer. Avoiding predictable dark packaging, this design goes for impact, while the chocolates themselves are definitely worthy of the premium treatment.

Strong coloured packs with super real photography combined with beautiful handwritten lettering from lettering artist Peter Horridge make for premium looking affordable chocolates."