Strata Enfold 3D CX


Strata, our newest sponsor, has just launced The Strata 3D CX Suite, and has teamed with Esko Artwork and has just launched an innovative software package for package designers, Strate Enfold 3D CX:

"Strata Enfold 3D CX is a multi-featured plug-in for Illustrator that adds a 3D view palette, two new tools and a host of menu commands focused on folding print designs.

Powered by patent-pending technology developed by EskoArtwork, Strata Enfold 3D CX creates professional folded 3D designs directly in Adobe Illustrator. Users can link Photoshop graphics applied to 2D Illustrator artwork, define die-cut lines and folding scores, and then see it in 3D directly in Illustrator. Print ready designs can then be sent for production and the file can be exported for further use in Strata Design 3D CX or other products that can import a U3D file.

“The package design market understands that the best packaging comes from interaction between product and packaging designers,” explains Arjen Maarleveld, EskoArtwork Senior Vice President Products. “The new open interface to the Strata structural format now makes our solutions accessible to designers who work with Strata tools. Strata Enfold 3D CX makes available high powered EskoArtwork technology to a much broader market.”

“Never in our history have we been so proud of a software release,” states Ken Bringhurst, Strata’s President. “This powerful new workflow between Strata Design 3D CX and Adobe’s design products is a giant leap forward for our installed base. This upgrade reinforces Strata’s position as the best 3D solution for the design and illustration market.”

Download a tryout version to see what it can do for you over on

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