Wheelhouse Pickles

I recently discovered a little-known pickle company called Wheelhouse Pickles, founded by Jon Orren of Brooklyn, NY. They make small batch, gourmet pickles. Wheelhouse's bold attitude and funky varieties make them not-your-typical pickle company. After asking them about the design, Jon wrote back to me that the branding/design was created by Michael Fusco Design. Michael was kind enough to share some photos of the packaging and background about the design. "The main goal for Wheelhouse was to emphasize the artisanal aspect of Jon's pickles.  Originally, we created the top label only so the pickles would could be 100% visible to the buyer.  Once the business expanded, and we had to include barcodes and ingredients, we decided to go for a belly band, using the colors established for each product.  In the end, the belly band really elevated the design."




Whims (shown below) are limited-edition pickles. The flavor is written by hand on the top label.

The one other product they (currently) make besides pickles is a sauce called Minor Threat. That really piques my curiousity!