Kingdom Animalia


enormouschampion launched in May of 2008:

"We are based in Brooklyn, NY.  We're a husband and wife team (Jason and Jordan, respectively). The concept of the line was created by us, together, but the animals themselves along with the designs of the Animalia boxes were drawn and designed by Jason. The animals and their packaging were all made in the USA.  The boxes are made of recycled cardboard, and offset printed. One element of the design system is that there are a few facts about the real life animal on the box. 

There are 15 different animals in this collection. They are made of sustainably harvested wood and are solid maple. The finishes on the animals (including the paint, stain, and beeswax sealer) are all non-toxic and very low/no VOC. All of the finishes are also made in the USA. They were laser cut and hand finished. The animals retail for $80.

They are meant to be decoration for a nursery, bookshelf, and the like.  They are not, however, toys for children."

More images of their beautful Kingdom Animalia line after the jump.