Bellatazza Cafe TO-GO Cups


More work from Buzzsaw Studios for Oregon based Bellatazza. "TO-GO cups for most cafes are just that, a simple TO-GO cup that is poorly desigend or plain with a rubber stamped name or logo. Bellatazza from day one more than 5 years ago has been using the TO-GO cup as a conversation piece. Every 3 months or so Buzzsaw Studios will design a new cup to replace the current one as they run out. Each design is themed with current events or a cause that the Owner is involved with. Patrons to the cafe have come to expect new cup art on a regular basis. economical form of branding, Bellatazza has received much more mileage than an traditional form of advertising or marketing. People don't expect to be drinking from a piece of art when they get their coffee beverage TO-GO."

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Bellatazza-to-go-cup-monkey Bellatazza-to-go-cup-doves