Student Spotlight: Edward Albert


Edward is a graphic design student at San Diego State University:

"This project was inspired by my travels and experiences as a commercial
fisherman working in Alaska. I decided to create a beer and product
line which both commemorates and celebrates aspects of the commercial
fishing lifestyle. This project was influenced by the fellow fisherman
I have met, the grand scope of working on the ocean, and the experience
of traveling.  The subtle and overt quirks of the commercial fishing
lifestyle are represented in the naming of the beer as well as the
collateral products that come in the kit. For example, the naming of
the beers is directly inspired by the five varieties of pacific salmon.
The King Brew parallels the king salmon, the largest of the species
known for its blue color. THe inside pattern of the packaging is
comprised of boat names and sayings of the sea, and the coasters
feature superstitions of the sea."

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