Big Boss Brewing

Recently I took a trip to Raleigh, NC. One of the highlights was a visit to a local brewery called Big Boss Brewing. We had a tour and tasting, and while the beer was delicious, I was even more stuck by the packaging. With names like "Hell's Belle" and "Angry Angel," you can see how any designer would have a blast with this project. I like that they even gave thought to the bottom of the pack.

Here is a write up courtesy of MicKinny - the agency responsible for bringing this vision to life:

Big Boss Brewing, a local brewing company, had recently changed ownership

and they needed a new identity, including product names and packaging.

Since the new owners were big fans of WWII aircraft, we explored that avenue

for the naming convention as well as the inspiration for packaging ideas. In

fact, some of the design elements were pulled from old bomber nose art and

crankcase gasket seals. The resulting use of die cutting, foil stock and

metallic inks helped forge a strong graphic emphasis.

In addition, we decided to have fun with the copy and the language found

throughout the packaging, utilizing unused space as room for a treasure

trove of hidden surprises. This way, there's a fun "discovery" aspect to the

product, hopefully inspiring curious consumers to seek out other beer

varieties from Big Boss Brewing.

Agency: McKinney

Executive: creative director: David Baldwin

Designer: Scott Pridgen

Illustrator: Scott Pridgen, Stock

Copywriter: Brian Murray

Account Director: Katie Clark

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