Before & After: Nutrisoda





Hunt Adkins, a Minneapolis-based agency, recently redesigned Minnesota-based Nutrisoda: 

"Nutrisoda needed to embrace its identity as a soda. The 8.4 oz can of the old packaging screamed energy drink and led to confusion. Our solution was simple: change to a 12 oz can. Second, the old mark had taken a back seat to more prominent design components. But it was imperative people recognized the brand Nutrisoda while finding a way to highlight we are a soda (albeit a better-for-you version). Therefore, we established a proper brand hierarchy that showcases our name and product, using valuable shelf space as a marketing opportunity. Finally, we used bubbles and colors on each can to display the fun, fizz, and flavor that consumers look for in a soda, while allowing the unpainted aluminum to speak to the clean, modern and healthy beverage Nutrisoda contains. Together, these add up to Nutrisoda: delicious, guilt-free fizzy goodness made real."

Do you think this was a successful redesign? Share your thoughts after the jump.