Smartfood Popcorn Clusters

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Spotted in Target, made by FritoLay. Designed by Hornall Anderson:

Smartfood popcorn clusters are a new, better-for-you snack product from
Frito-Lay. We designed the packaging to speak directly to what women
want, emphasizing the power of “&” - indulgence & nutrition,
taste & health, a lot of snack & fewer calories. Understanding
that women live their lives on the go, we reconsidered everything from
visual cues that convey “yummy and nutritious,” to appetite appeal and
pack size, creating a look and feel designed to entice women down the
snack aisle- and keep them coming back.

Frito-Lay's portfolio of products gives women snacks that are both
great-tasting AND better-for-her, the key was to develop logotype
design and core concept centered around the visual balance between
“smart/healthy” and “indulgence/delicious.” The graceful character of
the graphic elements and color palette were selected both for their
feminine appeal and appropriate flavor/product differentiators. The
beautifully designed ampersand nestled within the deliciously
photographed product, prominently elevates and supports the nutritional
benefit the product offers.”