Lazy Magnolia Brewing Company


Rick Dobbs owns a small
ad/design shop called Unreal in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He sent in this packaging he did for Lazy Magnolia Brewing Company, and it was just as interesting to read the backstory--with its distinctly Southern twang permeating the words--as it was to look at the bottles.

"One of my
prize clients is a small craft brewery name Lazy Magnolia Brewing
Company based out of Kiln, Mississippi. They were almost done in by
hurricane Katrina when the storm took out half their facilities and
inundated most of their stock. Lazy Magnolia had only been in business
for just under a year when the storm hit.

After Katrina they busted butt and came back raging full on bound and
determined to not be beat like that. Sense of community and region was
thick after the storm and people were all about supporting local
businesses. The brewery flourished with flying colors. Right after
business starting booming they began to look for a re-brand. Me being
from the Mississippi Gulf Coast they were already on my radar screen
and I had called on them several times before, but was patient yet
persistent. It paid off and we formed a partnership that has resulted
in us growing together.

Our first order of business was to re-brand the brewery itself, then
the brews and then on to labeling/packaging. So far we have
labeled/packaged their first three brews – Southern Pecan, Indian
Summer and Reb Ale. We have two more to go – Jefferson Stout and
Southern Gold.

Southern Pecan is a smooth and sweet, English-style brown ale brewed
with real roasted pecans. Indian Summer is a spiced ale brewed with
orange peel and coriander. Reb Ale is a crisp and hoppy, deep south
pale ale."