Visión Tequila


We've featured featured some of Agostinho Martin's previous work for Tequiloco, and now he's sent us some concepts from a new project he's working on:

"The designs were part of the Phase I Design Exploration for a Production Park & Hospitality Resort in the town of Tequila, Mexico. Visión is positioned to be a limited edition, premium tequila and will be the Resort's signature product. The structural concepts range from more traditional shapes, using
hand-blown glass, to more sophisticated and modern ones, inspired by
perfume bottles and, in part, by Architect Rick Joy's style.

Packaging details include hand-tied leather cord and Mayan symbols
applied to the neck of the bottles to give them a man-made, artisanal
feel. The graphics, created by Natalie Jacobs of Platypus Strategic Creative [],
took inspiration from the blue agave leaves and uses typography that
reflects both the traditional and contemporary aspects of the brand."

To see more of Agostinho's work, email him at: