Before & After: Tango Soft Drink

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Blue Marlin Brand Design redesigned Tango, a beverage primarily sold in the UK and Ireland:

"Tango is one of the great fruit carbonate brands of recent years and is fondly remembered for its edgy marketing campaigns of the last decade, but needs to retain its relevance to 17-25 year old males of today.

Britvic set Blue Marlin a challenge: to leverage Tango’s unique personality and full taste delivery to drive value share growth. The aim of the redesign is to ensure that when Tango is in the hands of the target audience the brand values of impact and entertainment come across loud and clear through the packaging.

Many soft drinks brands have been using fruit on their packaging in a cute, innocent, often child-like way, which doesn’t appeal to Tango’s target audience. So in true Tango style, it’s new look depicts fruit getting mangled, crushed, exploded, punctured and mauled in the name of great taste.

Blue Marlin Executive Creative Director Martin Grimer comments: “Tango’s personality needed to be brought to life again so we have really mashed up the packaging to bring out its innate Tangoness and put its personality back where it belongs: in your face. It pokes fun, it’s fruity and it makes you grin – or should that be cackle?”

Tango senior brand manager Sally Symes says:  “The new design is a modern and fresh expression of the Tango brand proposition that will be really impactful on shelf as well as having elements of discovery for consumers as they get closer to the pack. The design is a significant change, will prompt reappraisal, but is also very recognisable as Tango which is vital.”