Matsu Wine

Javier Euba of Moruba sent in this wine packaging they recently finished:

"Moruba has created the branding and packaging for Matsu, an organic winery from the Toro D.O. 

Matsu is a modern a project for sustainable viticulture that brings together a unique collection of high expression wines. 

The solution adopted is faithful to
Matsu's philosophy, his image has been stripped from all sorts of
tricks to link directly with nature and with the people who cares about
it. Thus, the Matsu's wine triology, ‘El Pícaro’, ‘El Recio’ and ‘El
Viejo’ are represented by a portraits series of three generations that
devote their lives to the field. Each one personality's embodies the
characteristics of the wine that gets its name.

renowned photographers, Bèla Adler and Salvador Fresneda, have been
chosen by Moruba for the portraits realisation that brings life to the
characters of Matsu."