Student Spotlight: FIT Graduates, Part IV

All good things must come to an end, and so we close this series of FIT graduate work with these last five.

1. Chelsea Market Comestibles for Canines by Rebecca Williams:
"Chelsea Market Comestible for Canines, super premium dog food inspired by Chuck the basset hound."

2. Syn by Sarai Robledo:
"SYN is the bad boy of all drinks. It's an absinthe drink inspired by the nickname it was given, "The Green Fairy". The different names for the flavors indicate the different kind of fairies they are."

3.  I Hate It When by Stefanie Stalder:
"A line of garbage bags that stands out among the rest on shelf. The emphasis is placed on the function of the bag, which is supported by the image. The overall brand look, including the choice of white, suggests a refreshing take on the not so pleasant topic of garbage."

4. Sutter Home Family Vineyard by Stephanie Hiser:
"This is a typical, mass-market wine brought to life with bold colors and clean lines while still holding onto family charm."

5. B. Men by Samira Villamor:
"A men's line of health & beauty products that captures a classic essence while also capturing the modern man."