Student Spotlight: FIT Graduates, Part III

Further work by upcoming grads of the Fashion Institute of Technology's graphic design program.

1. Soil Salvation by Hayley Hackett:
"Soil Salvation is a line of gardening products aimed to encourage consumers to rethink the meaning of gardening. With the use of photography on a sky background, the package delivers the environment you experience while gardening."

2. Chelsea Market Branding by Hiromi Tatsuta:
"Branding the Chelsea Market: Modern and bold but friendly coffee packaging for espresso or cappuccino. The product line might be a souvenir from NYC or bought for home use."

3. Bumbina by Janine Gomez:
"This brand personality expresses the essence of babyhood - a gentle purity that springs from a fresh start. Bumbina aims to help provide moms and dads with more ecologically-designed options for their baby changing needs, so they can make better choices that shape everyone's future."

4. Surf Troll by Jason Maysonet:
"The graphics are inspired by people who live out of their cars searching for the perfect wave."

5. Chelsea Market Exotic Grains Pasta by Joyce Liao:
"This line of pasta for Chelsea Market is made out of exotic grains which are healthier, more nutritious, and gluten-free.  The logo is designed to reflect New York's Chelsea Market's architecturally inspired and industrial chic personality."

6. Beebe by Kei Hayashi:
"Beebe is a line of organic dog food, dog cookies, and dog breath mints with the added benefit of energy supplements."