R.M. Gattefossé

Tommaso Nicolao is an Italian creative director and designer based in Paris for CA Design. He sent in this packaging he did for the cosmetic line R.M.Gattefossé sold in stores France and

"The graphic concept of this new cosmetic line is inspired by the codes of art deco:
in the logo, the art deco reference is evident in the typography that
conveys the historical savoir-faire of Mr. R.M.Gattefossé, who invented
the aromatherapy industry in the 1930's.

- the pictographic system conveys the art deco codes in a more
contemporary manner in order to translate the cutting-edge scientific
know-how of the company, while also bringing fun and color to the
aesthetic of the packaging.

The right side of the packaging plays a main role in the linear for
merchandising presentation, completing the icon and displaying
important product details.

The inside of the packaging reveals
itself like a secret garden, inviting us to delve into the box and
discover the history of the brand. This allowed us to avoid printing an
internal leaflet, thereby reducing paper and respecting the ecological
goals of the company, also suggested by the highly-textured snow-white
Fredrigoni Tintoretto paper."

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