Student Spotlight: FIT Graduates, Part II

Here's more work from upcoming grads from Fashion Institute of Technology's design program.

1. Naga Tea by Emily Berry
"Jasmine, lavender and rose-bud tea. Based on the legend of the naga serpent who caused havoc when the Earth is mistreated, Naga Tea gives back to the environment. Once the tea is finished the outer packaging is planted in the interior packaging to grow a new crop of tea lea leaves."

2. Chelsea Market by Eunsoo Tchah
"Chef-inspired gourmet private label packaging."

3. Grotto by Eva Pieczynski
"Grotto is a line of balsamic vinegars from Modena, Italy. It is targeted towards consumer who cherish great quality and tradition when it comes to food and seeks for a fine, traditional product."

4. Seakids by Griffin Blane
"A line of swimming gear for children between five and ten. Hand drawn illustrations appeal to kids and moms."