Design Resource Center, a branding and packaging firm in Chicago created this packaging for Solixir. I picked up a can a few weeks ago at Whole Foods. I must say, it was quite delicious:

"The brand vision for solixir™ products is to create
delicious and beneficial products that truly help the consumer and the planet
live a better life. The strategic goal for both the solixir™ brand essence and
ultimately, the final packaging, was to achieve key objectives of appealing to
the target market with all natural and authentic imagery. While the target
demographics are 18 to 39, the positive product benefits of quality botanicals
in a refreshing, sparkling beverage clearly are not bound to specific
demographics. It was important, therefore, to create a contemporary classic
package that would appeal to a broader wellness-driven market, regardless of

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Solixir_relax_wm Solixir_awaken_wm