ASTRO Gaming Audio System


Designed in-house by ASTRO Gaming:

Gaming is a premium developer of high performance video gaming
equipment for Pro Gamers.  This package delivers the product with
confidence and a perception of value that promotes ASTRO as “the gamers lifestyle brand”.  

The experience upon receiving, unveiling and assembling the product is
direct, simple and reinforces ASTRO’s gaming authenticity via the global domination sketch art on the cover and technophile print finishes.

The packaging is not only robust enough to protect the product on it’s
journey from factory to doorstep, but can be used to store and collect
your favorite gaming mags, game cases or action figures. It’s more than
a box, but less than a storage unit.

The ASTRO A40 Package stands juxtaposed to mass market
blister-packs and flimsy cereal-box packages as a structurally sound
delivery system for our direct to consumer, non-retail experience.  Not
only does it reinforce the premium nature of the product line while
providing a simple out of box experience, but provides a flexible after
life to end user.  Gamers are collectors; games, game cases, magazines,
cables, etc., and the lusty gamer art and robust materials of the
package creates all sorts of post delivery use options.  And if you
don’t like the tears down easily for recycling or burning in

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