Mega Private Label


New work from Baruch Naeh Creative Branding for Mega, a big supermarket chain in Israel:

"When MEGA launched its private label, the objective was, first, to create a label that will deliver lower price without 'damaging' the overall shopping experience. Second, to develop a design which will support the overall message of healthy nutrition (each pack offers a tip for healthy nutrition) and future expending to Eco-packaging and organic products.

We were working under the assumption, that Customers have a basic will to buy products at lower prices but no one wants to feel their buying 'cheap'.

At the time of the launch, the range of economic products in Israel, looked and felt cheap in its designs.  The existing packaging designs create a dull and frugal shopping experience. We believed 'upgraded' packaging designs will improve consumers experience from 'cheap and almost embarrassing' to 'smart economic and fare' (best value for money). The launching began on December 2008, category by category and so far, we are proved right with an average in-store market share of 20% in every category we entered. The future 'green' aspirations of the brand are supported by the logo's colors and 'leaf like' shape."

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