Shiseido's CHOU-MEI-SOU


Chou-Mei-Sou may look like a beauty product or a sophisticated skin cosmetic, but a closer look at the inside proves you wrong. Those are hexagonal pills! The bottle refers to water and earth, with the green and blue colors. The design is described by Tokio based Helvetica below.

"The underlying concept behind this new brand of supplementary health tablets from Japanese cosmetics company Shiseido is the belief that from good health and well-being flows true beauty. The product is made using grasses found growing on high cliff-tops by the sea in eastern Japan.
The designer refrains from plastering the design with obvious health-evoking imagery and instead attempts to subtly point to the water, temperatures and environment, which give the supplement it's healthy properties. This simple yet strikingly strong design reflects the purity and natural strength of the elements."