Rebel Green


New work from our friends at Wink:

"Introducing Rebel Green, a chic,
edgy, “eco” lifestyle brand that elevates green products to a new level
of organic cotton status with “Made in America” style.

Rebel Green (
understands that what we put next to our skin needs to be healthy for
us and the environment without sacrificing style. Rebel Green’s men,
women and children’s apparel and reusable bag system are so hip, you
might forget you’re being eco-friendly. Rebel Green reusable shopping
bags are purposely designed for ease of use. Unlike the vast majority
of eco-products, Rebel Green is committed to making our products right
here in the US.

The current selection of products made from
organic or sustainable materials is uninspiring. Rebel Green elevates
organic cotton canvas to a whole new style category. “Style has power
and our goal is to get people to be fashionably eco-conscious and buy
American. That’s why we’ve poured so much energy into the design of the
Rebel Green brand,” says the brand’s founders, Ali Ruvin and Melina

In the tradition of legendary American designers,
rebels who weren’t afraid to break rules to forge a new frontier in
style, Rebel Green with classic American ingenuity, goes where no other
eco-brand has gone before.

High quality, careful attention
to detail and original artwork blends contemporary and retro designs
that are fresh yet seem familiar. The styles are designed to attract
even the most discerning brand-conscious consumers. “We aren’t
convinced that the whole world wants to carry reusables with cutesy
polka dots while wearing preachy green slogan tees. We were determined
to create a chic, edgy and rebellious line for men, women and

Rebel Green is motivated by local and global
initiatives to cut down paper and plastic consumption. We believe that
to change consumer habits, we need to create an eco-lifestyle brand
that is unforgettable. Our customers tell us “reusable bags are so
boring and awkward we forget to bring them along half the time.” Rebel
Green is not is that imposter eco-tote made from petroleum derived
materials like nylon masquerading as a green crusader that screams “Buy
Local” when it is actually made across the ocean. Rebel Green
deliberately intends to show that sustainability and style can be made