Before & After: Flat Earth



Frito Lay gives Flat Earth Veggie Crisps a makeover, giving it a female focus.

"Packaging of Frito-Lay’s Baked! snacks, Flat Earth baked
veggie crisps ... were redesigned to help women more
easily identify products in the aisle and better illustrate the product
they will find when they open a bag.

In addition, Frito-Lay is redesigning the snack aisle to make
shopping easier. If women go down the snack aisle, they are typically
shopping for someone else.  Frito-Lay is revamping the start of the
aisle to feature the products geared specifically for her. Products
will be found in the center of the aisle in traditional stores, and
closer to the end of the aisle in stores that are more health oriented.
The redesign is about helping women see that there is something for
them in the chip aisle."

Redesign by Hornall Anderson who did the Baked Lays redesign as well. Share your thoughts below.