Student Spotlight: Alex Piercy

Alex Piercy is a graduate of Somerset college of Art and technology, based in the southwest of the UK.

He graduated in July.

"This was to create a brand identity and packaging for a local fishmongers. Phil bowditch fishmongers is a small, family run fisnmongers based in
Taunton, Somerset. All of Phil Bowditch's fish is caught off the Brixham coast in south Devon. I started by creating an identity for the company, and then took on the challenge of creating the packaging. I wanted to get across the fact that all of their fish is caught
locally, So to show this, The fish purchased is wrapped in a nautical
map of the fishing areas prefered by Phil Bowditch. The location of the
fish is marked on the map using the logo created. This idea is then
transfered to the brown bags by stating how far off the coast the
specific fish are caught, e.g: cod 10.9 miles, with the strap line 'How
far we go for your fish'."