Sunny D UK Packaging

Sunnyd_uk Sunnyd_uk_logo_before_after

Great post via our friends at regarding the new Elmwood designed UK market packaging for Sunny D:

The new Sunny D is an entirely new drink, which now contains 70% fruit
juice with no artificial ingredients, preservatives, or added sugar.
The new product (including the packaging) has taken three years to
develop. The redesign focuses on the natural ingredients and evokes
images of Californian surf culture, aiming to capture a healthy,
outdoorsy feel.

"Sunny D is a great brand to work on. Although it has suffered in the
past from negative publicity, they have come back with a great
refreshed image. Elmwood’s job was to communicate all their hard work
on pack, in an engaging and believable way." -Sarah Wade, Elmwood account director