Before & After: Wonder Bread

Old design on the left, new on the right.
Old design on the top, new on the bottom.
Willoughby Design has recently redesigned the classic Wonder Bread lineup:

"A New Take on a Classic Brand: When the needs of a changing market place indicated it was time to
update the Wonder brand for a slightly older and more health-conscious
consumer, Willoughby Design knew the solution wasn’t reinvention, but
evolution. Maintaining the brand promise of healthy fun and goodness
that has been Wonder’s promises for more than 80 years, Willoughby
updated the Wonder brand identity with a fresh, contemporary packaging
system for both existing and new products, including more than 60
bread, bun and dinner roll products. The firm also developed sales
brochures, FSI coupons, POP materials, presentation templates and
displays to create a unified look and feel across all consumer touch

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