Askinosie Chocolate

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Freelance designer Kristina Sacci sent us these packages she designed for Askinosie Chocolate:

Cocoa Powder & Cocoa Nibs: I
redesigned the cardboard tube packages for both their Cocoa Powder and
Cocoa Nibs. The new packaging utilize less materials than the previous
designs, which helps to satisfy their goal of creating environmentally
friendly products.

Itty Bar Jar: The Itty Bar Jar was produced to house smaller
versions of their chocolate bars that can be sold at the counters of
chocolate shops, cafes, etc. It's motto is "Morale Booster" because as
people buy chocolate, the level of chocolate in the jar goes down
revealing more and more of the pin-up girl. Seeing a pin-up + eating
chocolate = raised morale

Noshie Bar: I designed a silkscreen that was printed with
transfer sheets on their Noshie Bars (an awesome chocolate bar made of
cocoa nib shortbread and caramel, and covered in dark chocolate).

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