Before & After: Yogi Tea

Yogi_boxes Yogi_boxes_before Yogi_boxes_after just posted a great article on the redesign of Yogi Tea:

"Overall, I can't say the new packaging (which was designed in-house) is
badly designed, but it does lose the unique essence of the previous
design. It still features the henna
design (but faded) and similar colors to the original (but more
saturated). It's just simply no longer recognizable as the "unique"
package in the tea aisle. Besides the commercial-looking typography
changes, the biggest difference is the presence of a cup of tea
surrounded by herbs (dandelions in the above example). Which you can
find on almost any box of tea."

I literally just had a glass of Yogi Tea and was in love with the packaging. Not so much anymore. What are your thoughts?