Eska Water

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From Eska's CEO Simon Lester:

The bottled water market is increasingly commoditized and is being challenged to improve its environmental profile.  The aluminum bottle merges bottle and label, keeps the water colder for longer, and is made using recycled aluminum.  The result – a great tasting, great feeling, great looking environmentally friendly premium water.
From Eska's packaging designer Lucille Lavender:

As a packaging designer this was a particularly exciting project to work on because the aluminium bottle is a brand new format for water. I couldn't believe it hadn't been done before.

I rearranged the Eska brand elements that are normally centered on the PET and glass bottles in order to create a stylish, contemporary and strong design. By enlarging the three Eska icons the Eska story is told powerfully and I find they are a beautiful and unexpected way to decorate the bottle. The snowflake, the stone and the droplet imply pure, delicious, freezing cold water inside and are a reminder of its glacial origins.

I created a day and night design using the aluminium background for one, and a dramatic midnight blue alternative for use in clubs and bars. It was great to have an imaginative client who could see the marketing opportunity of both options.

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