New work from B&T Design (whose fantastic design for "Doo" smoothie was featured here):

"Go directly comes from our R&D branch. At B&T-design, we are
not only designing packaging for our clients, we also create brands and
products. Goji berry juices are rich in vitamins and minerals (Beta
carotene, B vitamins, amino acids, potassium, protein and
polysaccharides). A drink that brings you all that your body needs. We
blended our juice with others all natural fruit juices. We wanted our
beverage to be sweet and delightful but we also wanted to keep our
juice pure and 100% natural. The Goji berry juice is traditionally
known as an antioxidant juice, and it's very good for your health. But
we didn't want our blending goji juice to look like medicines, like
some other juices do.

At B&T design we decided to make it a
"ready-to-drink" beverage and to sell it in a can package, with a cool fresh design."