I am ashamed to admit this, being from the South, but I have never operated a grill. Nor do I know how to. However, this line from Outset (a company right down the road from me up here in Minnesota) is making me wish for warm weather, a couple of steaks and a patient teacher.

From Outset's website:

"Outset, Inc. is a manufacturer of high-end barbecue and
barware products and accessories. With a cohesive line of Grillware and
Chillware products, we have been heating up the barbecue and
entertaining industry since launch in 2002.

A leader in
product design, development and sourcing, Outset is often sought out
for our expertise in private label, co-branded and specialty retail

Most recently, Outset's packaging design was featured in HOW magazines in-house design issue.

More photos and neat information about the design after the jump.





Information about the grilling papers packaging:

"The challenge was to create a package for BBQ Grilling Papers that protects the fragile wood papers from being damaged and provides a touchable glimpse of the product. Since the package IS the product for wood BBQ grilling wraps, it needed to truly catch consumers' intrigue, demonstrate what the product does, clearly inform what flavor the product is and reveal the actual product — while conveying high-end quality and sophistication, with roots in masculinity.  The packaging creates a distinct, cohesive family of flavors. The flavor-coding is clearly communicated with bold blocks of strategically-placed color, straight- forward icons & naming plates. A food-styled photo demonstrates the product's function. This underlying simplicity is distinguished with Old West-inspired adornments and an overall modern feel. Subtle, smoky illustrations, spot varnishes & smart, fun copy impart sophistication and premium quality, while the core idea of the window reveals the product inside."