Three Sisters Cereal for Whole Foods


HartungKemp bags new Whole Foods Market cereal brand

Whole Foods Market introduced six varieties of Three Sisters breakfast
cereal in early 2009. The bags these all-natural cereals come packaged
in were designed by Minneapolis design agency HartungKemp.   


“As a new brand on a pretty crowded store shelf, Three Sisters cereals
really had to get noticed,” says Stefan Hartung, HK Creative Director.
“Doing the right thing doesn’t have to be boring. That’s why we
repurposed the bags typically found inside cereal boxes, but also
designed them to be colorful and fun. Our bags invite shoppers to
‘ditch the box,’ which is a savings of 40% over traditional cereal
packaging. So a Three Sisters breakfast becomes an easy first step
toward doing something good for the environment.”


Three Sisters cereals are made with all-natural ingredients, using wind
power. HK’s bags help communicated these unique nutritional and
environmental benefits by illustrating playful farm scenes set against
prominent hills of wind turbines.


“The idea was to combine pastoral nostalgia with the technological
savvy that’s helping people live more environmentally responsible
lives,” Hartung continues. “Our bags definitely stand out from the
austere packaging so common in the natural foods category.”