naoLoop packaging



Naolab, based in Shanghai, creates "intelligent objects.. First, some information regarding what exactly the naoLoop is:

"naoLoop is your ultimate organizer – stretching the limits of your everyday stuff. naoLoop’s stretch configurations can hold together mobile devices, name or credit cards, lipsticks or chewing gum. Any of your prized possessions can be compactly bunched together so that you can easily find them. Comfortable to the touch naoLoop wraps and protects your accessories. With its absolute reduction of material, naoLoop fits in your back pocket – or your disco bag!"

See here for more information.

And now about the packaging:

“Naolab’s signature packaging is inspired by Origami and Majiang.
Opening a Naolab package reveals elements of surprise – designed as a
treat for yourself or for a gift-giving ritual. Carefully designed to
provide intelligent protection for products, Naolab’s environmental
awareness ensures that the least amount of materials, papers and inks
are used at all times.”

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