Immune Health Basics


Once again Duffy & Partners displays an excellence and diversity in packaging design. Immune Health Basics is a departure from packaging one often sees for vitamins, probiotics, or medications.

One of the current trends in design is to strip down design and make it more simple or more white. In many cases this move was to distinguish the brand from the "busy" designs on the market.  And while this approach was initially novel, more and more designs seems to be super simple and boring in addition to not saying much about the brand they are supposed to reflect.  In this instance, I feel that the clear and simple imagery works to benefit the product.  There are distinctive colors for each milligram/count and the honey comb shape is recognizable science icon. The imagery uses multiple tones and layers, the type is sharp, and the hierarchy is well established.  A good solution for an over saturated health and wellness market.